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Fluorinated Imine Cages on the Cover of Chemistry A European Journal

Tom's and Tobias' paper on supramolecular alloys made from fluorinated hybrid Tri4Di6 imine cages are featured on the cover of the current issue of Chemistry - A European Journal.  The graphic was created by Tom Kunde and shows all accessible cage isomers, depicted in a hexagonal, lattice-like environment.

T. Kunde,+ T. Pausch,+ B. M. Schmidt, Supramolecular Alloys From Fluorinated Hybrid Tri4Di6 Imine Cages, Chem. Eur. J. 2021, 27, 8457-8460 . For the article, click here

Kategorie/n: Chemie Aktuelles, Chemie Aktuelle Publikation, OC B. Schmidt