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Qualified and motivated students and researchers interested in our chemistry are  always welcome to join our team!

We regularly have open position for bachelor and master theses as well as the possibility to host research stays.
In case you are interested please enquire about potential vacancies and send your application with the usual documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, list of publications, references, certificates/copies, pdf-files only!) to

Postdoctoral positions: Fellowship applications to external funding bodies from suitable candidates with a strong track record and relevant scientific background are particularly encouraged. Please get in touch with and send your application together with a cover letter, a CV, a list of two referees, and a list of potential funding bodies.

Diversity statement:

In BMSchmidt group, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that values and respects the contributions of all members of our team. We recognize that diversity in our team brings a variety of perspectives and experiences, which can lead to more innovative solutions and better outcomes in our work in chemistry, and beyond.

We strive to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our team. We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all team members and ensuring that our policies and practices are fair and equitable.

We are committed to fostering a culture of respect and inclusion, where all team members feel valued, heard, and supported. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or bias of any kind.

We recognize that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is an ongoing process, and we will continue to work to improve and refine our practices to ensure that we are creating a truly inclusive environment for all members of our team.



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